GameGem is an application memory debug tool for iOS and android(coming soon).


Accurate : Accurately Finding a data in memory, so we can only find an address that we know the value.

Fuzzy:  Look for a variable value in memory that we don’t know its value. When there is a change, we search once. Use its changing trend to find and locate it. You will need at least 2 times of searching to find a address. Try not to choose “Equal” method in the second comparison, because the result set can be very large, and it will slow down the next comparison.

Data Type

Different data types affect searching time,  Take 123 and 123.0 for example.
Any:  123 can be int16, int32, int64, and float.   So if you choose this type, GameGem will check all of these 4 types.

i16:  16bit integer, from -65536 to 65535.

i32:  32bit integer, from -4294967296 to 4294967295.

i64: 64bit integer, from -(2^64) to (2^64-1)

float: float number. 123.0 is a float number , but 123 is not a float number.

We recommend you to use i32 type, this will speed up the searching. Don’t use ‘Any’ type when it’s not necessary.

Compare method

This methods is for fuzzy searching.  ‘Compare’ means new value compare to old value.

Equal:    new value is equal to old value.

Not Equal:    new value is not equal to old value.   new value changed.

Increased:   new value is bigger than old value.    new > old.

Decreased:  new value is less than old value.   new < old.