A simple way to play your game.

GameGem is a 100% free memory debug tool for iOS and android.


More than 1 million users. 

Hi I’m Aidoo. I started writing GameGem iOS in 2014 but I stopped for some reasons.  I didn’t expect GameGem was so welcomed by you guys and I’m surprised the downloads exceed 1 million! Now I’m back with a new iOS version and if you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact me!

Is GameGem Free?

Yes. GameGem is 100% free. Sometimes you will see ads, maybe you can click them to help me buy a cup of coffee:)

Can I use GameGem to change online game data?


Does GameGem has Android version?

Yes. It will come soon. Always come back to my site or like GameGem Facebook Page.

How to use GameGem?

I can’t test all games you asked, please do not ask me for some basic knowledges.  However, I have some tutorials for you, click here.

Do I have to hack my iPhone?


Does this work on iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS xxx?

I will update the version as quickly as I can. You can check the update here.