This tutorial is mainly about fuzzy search. If you need to see the method of accurate search, please click here [ Accurate search tutoiral ].

You can check introductions and overview of GameGem  here :[ Overview ].


First , select the process you want to search. If you don’t know how to choose, just look at HERE.


Enter your game or app, play for a while. Then remember the data you want to search.

Go back to GameGem, Choose Fuzzy and a data type. In the first searching , you should choose “Equal”, and then tap search.


Go back to game , make some change. (now it change into 396)

According to the result, 396 is bigger than 180, this means the data is increased from 1st time to the second time. So we choose increased , and then do search.

Now we go back into the game, and we just wait for a while without play, so the data don’t change . ( Actually, there are some other data changed, such as time or sth else.). Then we choose “Euqal”( means old value is equal to new value), and do search.


After times of action in “MAKE CHANGE AND SEARCH”, you will get less and less results. When result count is less than 500, you can view the result and check which one is equal to the data in the last search.

So, in this tutorial , we a 7668 data, and in result list , we find it.

Now we select it , modify it to 10000. ( How to modify a data. )

Go back to game, check the data, yes, it change into 10000.