I am spending my spare time to develop this software. Therefore, there may be some slowness. I hope everyone can understand it.
Now many people are asking me the following questions about GameGem:

0 match

There are some reasons:

  • “Any” data type.  There is a bug, dont use this data type.
  • Maybe the scan service crashed. (If GameGem is checking configuration for each search, this means scan service crashed. In this case, please send me an e-mail to tell me the device and OS version.)
  • Not capable with iOS 11.1.x,  Fixing.
  • The data is protected by the game.
  • Region for the data is in filter.
  • Didn’t “reset” the search before starting a new search.

I am now adding a new feature to set the filtering conditions.
Note that GameGem cannot modify most online games.

Speed Modifier

Speed Modifier will be added in the next big change.